Vybz Kartel Protege Sikka Rymes Says Cops Yet To Take Statement From Him

Vybz Kartel’s protégé Sikka Rymes is lamenting the fact that more than a month after he was shot-up by gunmen, a statement regarding his December shooting is still yet to be taken from him by investigators from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

In an interview with Onstage host Winford Williams on the weekend, Sikka Rymes, whose real name is Javian Chambers, said he is highly perturbed that the incident which amounts to shooting with intent or attempted murder seems not to be of concern.

“At this moment right now, I don’t really know if a case is out there about my shooting, because mi neva get no interview about no police or no ID parade or nothing. Nobody communicate with me. Because at the time, is not like I can get up and go to a station to report or nothing. And I am a law-abiding citizen,” Sikka told the respected entertainment journalist, who expressed shock and called upon the Jamaican police to make a statement of explanation on the matter.

“The victim is not contacted and he is talking and he is on stage here and can talk. What does this say about the law enforcement in this country? Why? They need to answer that,” Williams said.

Sikka, who is 27 years old, had a near-death experience on December 1 last year, when he was shot three times by unknown assailants at a stoplight near the Sovereign Centre in St. Andrew. During the interview, he told Williams that he was on the path to recovery.

“I am in recovery mode. Mi haffi a see a medical specialist like every week and suh forth. Mi haffi a duh a lot a blood test, cause yuh know, mi diabetic and mi haffi a dress di wound dem everyday and dem stuff deh – eye test and whole heap a ting,” he said.

“The experience is the last ting, I think wouda reach a guy like me. Because is not like mi eva see nuhbaddy and try fi like badmind dem or envy dem. Everybaddy weh come, dem get dem break, mi low dem alone… so why as me get my break now, dis reach me?” he said sadly.

Sikka said that on the morning he was shot, he was returning home from an event which he had attended to show his support to one of his friends. He also relayed how the horrific experience unfolded, which he said occurred as he rode along the roadway on his motorcycle, while his friends drove behind him in his motorcar.

“While leffing di show… mi just hear a car a speed up from way roun di back while mi a ride di bike, an mi nu stop or nuttn. Suh while mi a ride di bike, mi see di car speed up and come beside mi. Di fus shat mi get, a inna mi hand; di next shot fly through mi chest; di third one a through mi foot and den mi turn ova di bike, caw mi feel seh dem naw stop shoot. When mi turn ova di bike, di bike a run wid fi dem car an mi push it off,” he said.

“When time me get up back now, mi a guh back to my car now with three bullets. Jump inna y my car on the way to hospital, mi real, real Up move charge dem a she deejay talk to wi…,”he continued.

He was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where his suit was cut off by the medical team. He was conscious throughout the entire time and disclosed that he had to sign a series of documents and the procedure and risks explained to him, before he was wheeled off to the surgery.

Sikka, who is a protégé of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, said during the entire time he prayed and worried about the fate of his family, who would lose their main breadwinner if he died, and also Kartel whose business he was responsible for handling.

“I was mostly thinking about my family because I was always the breadwinner. Because di reason why mi really do dis, is because a mi family. Becaw if mi did a d di fi myself, mi woulda have a bag a gyal, car, and living a careless lifestyle. But when you have responsibility, you haffi stay inna di game,” he said.