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Rapper Wifisfuneral Details Having 3 Strokes From Taking Cocaine & Adderall

Rapper Wifisfuneral says he overdosed on drugs three times before finally deciding to quit.

Many young rappers in the industry these days look to drugs to save them from depression. During a recent interview with Vlad TV, Wifisfuneral revealed that he is one of the many who struggled with drug abuse. The rapper who says he started with prescription pills and eventually started mixing cocaine with Adderall, which caused him to not just overdose but also suffers a stroke that almost left him paralyzed.

“I was really mixing the two ’cause I really was just like, ‘Yo, f**k this, I don’t wanna be here,'” Wifi told DJ Vlad. “And I caught a stroke the second time I overdosed… Whole left side of my body was done, stiffed up like I couldn’t move it,” he said. Wifisfuneral went on to explain that he was lucky to make it out of the critical situation that changed his life forever.

“I was blessed that that didn’t happen to me,” Wifi said about his narrow escape from paralysis. “But I definitely felt locked. Like face stiff, this whole left side of my body was literally completely stiff. I couldn’t move it. I was freaking out so bad. I was literally wobbling. I could only move on my right leg,” he explained.

Luckily the rapper had a friend with him who helped him to the hospital. “My boy that was there at the time, he got so paranoid that he damn near almost broke my kneecap because he tried to pop my knee back into place so I could kinda cut the blood circulation and at least hold my s**t until I went to the hospital,” Wifi said in the interview. “And had I not did that, they honestly said that I was gonna flatline,” he added.

The rapper went on to share how it still affects him today with the way he walks. “If you see how I walk and sh*t, like in general, I don’t know if people peep this when they’re around me, but I literally drag myself when I walk,” he explained. “The right side of my body, I can move it completely fine. My left side, it’s hard for me. I don’t walk like how a normal person walks. I walk normally with my right leg and I literally drag my left leg.”

What’s crazy is that the rapper actually went and overdosed again a third time while on tour in 2017. This time the rapper says his face and tongue went numb among other things and he ended up going to the hospital again. You’d think the stroke would be his wake up call but hey, they say the third time is the charm. Wifi admitted that while he was going through a really rough time and has learned to “chill the f**k out” now, he still feels the same way inside.

Thankfully, the rapper has left that all in the past and is focusing on his music. Wifisfuneral just released his EP “Ev3rything Sucks” last December.