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Lil Wayne Leaking AGAIN, 12 Unreleased Songs Leaked Ahead of Funeral Album

A dozen never before heard Lil Wayne records just leaked online. Is the rapper’s new project in jeopardy?

Lil Wayne fans got a surprise gift today when 12 of the rapper’s tracks got uploaded to Soundcloud. The new tracklist that includes titles like “Road Lizard,” “Jungle,” and “Music to My Ears” is said to be a compilation of songs from somewhere around 2012-2013. Based on the lyrics of the songs, they were recorded some time before Weezy’s album I Am Not A Human Being II. It seems to just be some of the songs that never made the album.

Since the leaks clearly aren’t from the new album, at least we know that Funeral is safe, and Lil Wayne did not just take a huge L with this leak; matter of act, he seems to have done just the opposite.

The songs that came out feature collaborations from other artistes like Mack Maine, Kidd Kidd, Curren$y, and more. Fans are even more excited to hear the new album now that they’ve gotten a taste of some new Weezy, even though it’s predated. If you think about it, Lil Tunechi is probably the rapper that gets leaked the most. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was deliberate because the man spends so much time in the studio and has recorded so many tracks that it should be considered wrong to keep the extras from the fans.

Another thing is it seems fans are always waiting for a new album from Weezy. What with the preface of his long-awaited and extensively delayed “Tha Carter V” album that was involved in a drawn-out lawsuit with Cash Money Records, the rapper has now carved out a new reputation with keeping fans waiting again for “Funeral.” The impending project was said to be complete from some time in the summer of last year. Even Wayne must know that fans are getting impatient. However, if you recall the “Free Weezy Album” days, we have learned that if there is anyone whose fans will wait it out, it’s the Martian.