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Did Remy Ma Diss Cardi B As A Mother On Love & Hip Hop? Caught Some Heat For This Lyrics

Remy Ma is coming under fire for dictating what a “real” mother is, and it’s being criticized as anti-feminist.

Love and Hip-Hop can be a very entertaining reality show at times. The series that birthed the careers of rappers like Cardi B is still going strong with a cast that includes rappers like Safaree Samuels and his wife Erica Mena as well as Remy Ma and her husband, Papoose. In a recent episode of the show, Remy was in a recording session when she uttered some lyrics that’s got fans either cracking up or cracking down on her statements. While Remy rapped the lyrics off her phone into the microphone, she held her baby Reminisce McKenzie in her other hand.

“They got this saying, ‘integrity comes first.’ Social media makes it worse,” Remy raps. “Real mothers don’t…twerk. Wash the clothes, make dinner and dessert,” she continues. Fans were appalled by Remy’s outdated idea of what it entails to be a good mom. Some even took up issue with the pause between “don’t” and “twerk” arguing that the Platinum-selling artiste can’t rap, but that’s a different story. The scene is especially awkward because we can’t hear the beat that Remy is recording on. Also, with these reality shows, you never know what the original taping was with all the chops and edits.

Fans took to Twitter and other social media to bash Remy for her claims. “I can’t believe Remy Ma said ‘real mothers don’t twerk,’” one fan tweeted. Another certainly had time for the clap backs writing, “Mother’s who twerk >>> Mother’s who go to jail because they shot one of their friends over $3k,” Yikes, low blow?

A more serious fan joins the conversation to contest the most anti-feminist part of the whole clip. “People are stuck on Remy Ma’s rap line on twerking, are forgetting she “tried” to reduce women to washing clothes and nursing,” the fan continued. “Do you understand how misogynistic those lines are? That women are capable of so much more. Just wondering, anyone is paying attention to that.”

Remy Ma is yet to respond to all the backlash that she is facing, but as a woman, she will have to address to at some point, right? Check out the clip that’s got everyone talking about Remy’s rap skills and what they deem to be archaic standards.