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DaBaby Released From Jail And Heads Straight To The Studio

DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, is a free man… well sort-of.

The “Suge” rapper was released from Miami- Dade jail Saturday evening after a warrant for his arrest was withdrawn, and a $1,500 bail was posted. DaBaby was being held on an outstanding warrant out of Dallas, TX for organized criminal activity – to be exact, a fight at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport where a food stand worker was attacked. Here’s the weird thing, Dallas cops withdrew the warrant for some reason, but they’re not saying why.

The rapper may be in the clear for the Dallas incident, but he will still have to deal with the Miami Police Department, who initially arrested him on claims that he robbed a club promoter at the Café Iguana Pines nightclub in Florida. The criminal report details that $80, a credit card, and an iPhone were taken during the assault that ended in an apple juice dousing. The confrontation apparently occurred over a dispute in what DaBaby was owed for his performance, with DaBaby claiming he was due $30k and the promoter only handing over $20k.

Nevertheless, DaBaby wasted no time in getting back to work following his release from jail Saturday evening; he posted a microphone to his Instagram story early this morning indicating that he may be detailing this whole ordeal into a hot new record.

The Charlotte-rapper would certainly have more than enough “inspiration” to make a “First Day Out” track. Just last week, he was cited for marijuana possession and resisting arrest in Charlotte, North Carolina, followed by his arrest and incarceration in Miami on Thursday night. And let’s not forget his alleged victim in the Miami incident, party promoter, Kenneth is lawyering up claiming the brutal attack left him with cuts and bruises on his face.

So what’s next for the Grammy-nominated rapper?

According to reports from WSVN News, DaBaby will have to return to court in Miami on Tuesday in connection to the Café Iguana Pines nightclub incident.