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Ludacris Is Officially A Citizen Of His Wife’s Home Country Gabon

Ludacris is officially a citizen of his wife’s, Eudoxie, home country, Gabon.

“We have to be impatient in moving Africa Forward” Ludacris wrote on Instagram, as he held his wife close while staring unapologetically into the camera. The rapper is clearly serious about moving the continent forward was and was not only in Africa for the Year of Return Program. The program is an initiative that is intended to encourage African diasporans to come to Africa (specifically Ghana) to settle and invest in the continent. Luda is leading the way by being granted citizenship in the African territory of Gabon. Gabon is actually the birthplace of the rapper’s wife, Mbouguiengue, better known by her first name ‘Ehdoxee.’

The rapper was all smiles and clearly excited for the news and took to Instagram to share a video of himself and a Gabon official as he showcased his new passport. “Ladies and gentlemen I have just become an official citizen of Gabon,” mentioned Luda, ensuring he got the pronunciation correct. He was in such a good mood that he cracked a joke in reference to the fictional African territory from Eddie Murphy’s hit movie ‘Coming to America.’ “I am a loyal citizen of Zamunda!” he shouted with a smile on his face before he was corrected by his wife. He then transformed his voice into a Wakanda inspired accent, “This is the greatest day of my life.”

He captioned the video giving thanks to his wife for a beautiful gift, “Starting My New Year off with Dual Citizenship! AFRICA IM OFFICIAL!! Momma & Kids Too. The Best Gift of the Decade Award goes to @eudoxie.”

He shared another photo of himself boarding an official Gabonese state helicopter, which he captioned, “Now that I’m an official Citizen of Gabon, I travel the country a little different. I told them let’s get to Work right away. #changegoncome.”

Ludacris and his wife are known to be very charitable, with Ehdoxee spearheading various charities, including her Unspoken Angels initiative. The aim of the charity is to “support, educate, inspire and empower women” in the US and West Africa who have endured verbal, mental and/or sexual abuse.”

The Year of Return Program may be more closely related to Ghana, but the Bridges seem ready to make a positive splash in Gabon.

Christopher Bridges, Ludacris’ government name, who is originally from Champaign, Illinois, United States, now sports dual citizenship rights along with his entire family.