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Govana Drops New Video “Believe Me”

Govana’s “Believe Me” video is now out.

Govana is gearing up for a fantastic 2020 with the release of his debut album “Humans and Monsters are Not the Same,” which is set to be released on all platforms on January 10, 2020. The fans are getting a taste of just what the album has to offer with his most recent release, an uplifting track called “Believe Me.” The song is as real as it gets. The song is almost like a spoken word, an ode to his friends who hail from his former place of residence, Bobby Lane, Homestead, Spanish Town. The song lists quite a few of the standout persons who have impacted Govana over the years, and the “Champ” singer also ensured they were included in the video.

The lyrical contents of the song seemed to have left some viewers with mixed feelings, as they felt that it lacked creativity and flow. For these persons, the selling point proved to be the video that highlighted the humanitarian efforts of Govana and a group of friends. The team came together to construct a barbershop for a friend who was operating his small business out of a shack. At the end of the video, you get to see the finished project in operation as the young barber practices his craft in his new space.

One of the most powerful aspects of the video is the almost 2-minute long speech that Govana delivers at the end of the video. His speech outlined the need to help each other not just by giving handouts, but by providing avenues to create sustainable income.

The video is now number 5 on Youtube’s trending list, since being released yesterday, January 02, 2020.

You can stream the video for “Believe Me” on Youtube, and while you are there, click the link in the description to preorder H.A.M.A.N.T.S.