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Swizz Beatz Gets His Mom To Troll Baby Mama In Alicia Keys Beef

It has been a baby mama drama-filled holiday for producer extraordinaire Swizz Beatz.

Along with producing some of the most iconic hip-hop beats of the last decade and a half, Swizz Beatz is the father of 5 lovely kids and husband to the lovely songstress Alicia Keys, who is the mother of his last 2 boys. However, the mother of Swizz’s only daughter, Nicole Dean, is not too fond of how Keys is handling her co-parenting responsibilities. Now Swizz is bringing his own momma into the beef and let the world know — she doesn’t play.

Jahna Sebastian, who is Nicole’s mom, took to Instagram last week to blast Keys for overstepping her boundaries as a stepmom. She recounted various incidents including one involving a cell phone which was given to 11-year-old Nicole without her consent. She mentioned the adverse effects of social media and how she wants to ensure her daughter grows up with the right values.

She also took aim at Keys for allegedly adding her personal account to the cellphone, which was seen by Jahna as a breach of her privacy. While those concerns were clearly meaningful to Jahna, it was the accusations that Key’s was not communicating with her and the fact that she was being called ‘Umi’ (the Arabic word for mother), that seem to really stand out for the Russian born performer.

“No one else will be called any kind of ‘mom’ name in English, Arabic, not an ‘Umi’ or anything else in other language by her. I will not let nobody bribe her and change her by using material things against me, iPhones and other things. She will be raised as a human being, who cares for humanity and stands by the right principles,” protested Jahna. She also recounted that she has no intention of being a blended family, joining them on holidays or any other excursions.

Swizz got on Instagram to defend his wife, clarifying that the phone was his and was only given to Nicole as a means for her mom to communicate with her. He also mentioned that his daughter was not coerced into calling Keys Umi, and did so of her own free will. He then bashed her for taking things to social media instead of discussing it over a telephone conversation they had moments earlier. He continued his defense trolling her for promoting her music and book in the same post addressing the parental issues.

But the trolling didn’t stop there. Swizz later posted a video of him and his mom dancing in his $20 million mansion with the caption: “These BMs playin with me like my mom don’t carry the 40 at all times BX.” From the looks of that warning shot, things won’t be smoothing over with Swizz and Jahna anytime soon.

Jahna and a few of her fans have commented on Alicia’s lack of communication, with some seeing it as a sign of insecurity.

Alicia has not yet provided any comments on the recent incidents.