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Swizz Beatz Baby Mama Blast Alicia Keys Parenting Her Daughter, Swizz Responds

The mother of Swizz Beatz’s daughter is very unhappy with the producer’s wife, Alicia Keys, as a stepmother.

Jahna, who is the mother of Swizz Beatz’s daughter Nicole took to Instagram to air all the blended family laundry. In a lengthy epistle that was possibly proofread more than once, the concerned mother pointed out multiple reasons why she was displeased with Alicia Keys, who she refers to the whole time at “this stepparent.” Jahna, who resides in the UK with Nicole, explained that she has been raising her daughter to be a person who cares about other people and the world and is not absorbed with material things. However, she believes that after a trip to the United States to see her dad and “this stepparent,” Nicole came back obsessed with social media, likes, and things of those sorts.

She further ranted about the fact that though she was already crystal clear about not wanting her daughter to refer to anyone else as “Mom,” Keys was having Nicole call her “Umi” which means mother in Arabi. Jahna also alleged that “this stepparent” gifted her child an iPhone without her consent, among other things. While most readers did not get around to reading the entire thing, which was several pages and hundreds of words per page, what they did have time for was Swizz’s clapback, which had a rebuttal for all Jahna’s major points.

“1st of all Nicole does not have her own phone!” Swizz Beatz wrote. “2nd, that’s my phone I don’t use so she can call you instead if you calling my phone looking for her! 3rd, nobody forced Nicole to call them anything she chose to call her, UMI! I will not let any of my kids do things they don’t want to – period!” Swizz continued to say that his daughter’s mother did not have all of this to say when she was on a phone call with him not long before being “sweet and kind.” Swizz also implied that Jahna was clout chasing. “Why is it that every time you post these things, you include your music in the post directly after and all the things you’ve done like it’s a competition? Asking for a friend!” Swizz wrote.

After some back and forth and Jahna not heeding to Swizz’s reasonable request to contact him directly if she has a problem and not take it to social media, the producer left her with this message: “Blessings I hope all things go in your favor.”