Jahvillani Drops “Preserve Mi Life” Video

Jahvillani is spreading nothing but positivity for 2020, and it all starts with his new video for his track “Preserve Mi Life.”

The Wileside boss teamed up with popular Irie Fm disc jockey and producer Dj Smurf to bring across the new track earlier in the year, but the newly shot visuals should add some punch to the already heavy message. “Preserve Mi Life” comes as one of the tracks off Smurf’s GPS riddim compilation, which featured other tracks from artistes such as Chronic Law, Delly Ranks, Vershon, I-Octane, and a few others.

Jahvillani sings a tune of change as he confesses that he was initially involved in wrongdoings, causing him to jumps walls and fences to escape from cops. The video captures this in detail when we see three youngmen chilling on the roadside when a police car approaches. The character playing the young Jahvillani makes a run for it and escapes while his two other friends are apprehended by the cops, in what seems to be a memory of an incident that took place. There is also a shot of the young artiste practicing his craft as a deejay, highlighting that he chose music instead of a life of crime.

While the video employs the use of the flashback technique, it is still filled with some brilliant shots of the real Jahvillani becoming one with nature. He is seen sitting chilling by a picturesque riverside, reading scriptures from his bible, and meditating.

The river brings a sense of peace as he sings the chorus, “Thank you JahJah fi preserve me life / cause man coulda dead out a crazy times / me jump nuff fence like crazy binds / Thank you JahJah fi preserve me life / cause man coulda dead out a crazy times / Me used to do wrong now me change fi right.”