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Fetty Wap “The First Time In My Life I Can See 2020”

Fetty Wap just made his first eye joke while teasing new music and plotting a 2020 takeover.

“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years,” are the famous lines of LL Cool J, but it seems Jersey rapper Fetty Wap could be the one saying them in 2020. Fetty was in such a great mood for the Start of 2020 that he hopped onto social media and cracked a joke at himself before speaking on his accomplishments and revealing his new year’s resolution. “The first time in my life I can see 2020 .. yeah I’ll let that sink in … #FirstEyeJokeForMyself”, joked the “Trap Queen” rapper. “Ohh yea I’m kickin on you n*ggas this year I’m ready .. million dollars in legal troubles .. everything cleared I’m ready#ZooGang.”

The rapper rose to fame back in 2014 when his hugely successful commercial hit, “Trap Queen” landed on the scene. The track was followed by his eponymous, debut, studio Fetty Wap which contained tracks such as “Again,” “679” and “My Way.” Even though the rapper was riding high on his success, his shenanigans were sadly catching up to him.

Constant baby mama drama seems to be one of the downsides to the rapper’s life, having fathered 6 kids with different baby mothers. The tally was at 7, but amidst the chaos of 2019, news broke in September Fetty that Alexis Skyy’s daughter was not his biological child. The various relationship woes have also placed a strain on his marriage to Leandra Gonzalez, seeing Gonzalez eyeing a divorce after just 4 months of marriage. Atop all the personal drama, his name was tied to an incident outside of a Las Vegas hotel when things got physical with a woman. Based on his announcement, it may be safe to say that that incident was included in one of the legal troubles the rapper conquered in 2019.

The rapper was reportedly worth 8 Million in 2019, but legal troubles have downed that fortune by at least 1/8. While Fetty’s most recent releases have not grabbed the same media attention as they did back in 2014-12015, his songs are still wowing fans. The rapper teamed up with Monty in the summer of 2019 to drop a dope joint titled, “Birthday.” The track is still doing pretty well and is getting a lot of rotation in the New York and New Jersey area.

Fetty Wap also has some new heat in the works for 2020 as he previews a snippet of what seems to be a bouncy new track for the ladies on his Instagram feed.

Rest assured that the rapper is still in the game and ready to rock the show for 2020. Are you rocking with Fetty for 2020?