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DaBaby Arrested AGAIN, Hip Hop Police Took Him Into Custody


DaBaby has been arrested again by the hip hop police in Miami.

DaBaby started his new year in handcuffs as he was spotted being hauled off to jail by police officers. It’s unclear why the Charlotte rapper was taken into police custody, but sources are saying that it might be for an outstanding warrant. The short video clip shows a man walking behind the two police officers with his phone videoing the whole thing. Since his most recent running with law enforcement over the holidays, DaBaby makes it a point of duty to video his encounter with police officers.

For those of you who don’t know who the hip hop police is, they’re cops who target rappers sometimes for legitimate criminal reasons, but often for no reasons whatsoever.

DaBaby was arrested in Charlotte, NC, just before Christmas when cops swarmed his concert in his hometown and searched his vehicle. He was later booked for resisting arrest, which he said is bogus. His crew was also able to film police officers searching his vehicles before putting him in handcuff and hauling him off to jail. In his rant on Instagram, the “Suge” rapper said he was targeted by police who illegally searched his vehicles.

Despite his runnings with police officers of late, DaBaby had an amazing year last year, and this year is shaping up to be another monumental year for the young rapper.