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Love & Hip Hop: A1 and Lyrica Anderson Shed Tears Over Marriage Troubles On Reunion

The Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion brought out an emotional moment between A1 and Lyrica.

Reality star couple A1 and Lyrica Anderson have put their relationship on the front street for all to see through the lens of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. The now veteran cast members have been through many ups and downs amidst allegations of A1’s infidelity as he was accused time and time again of stepping outside of his marriage. Those trials and tribulations came to a breaking point on the reunion special earlier this week that brought about tears from the couple and even other castmates on stage.

After a recap of the drama between the two, the host asked the couple if there were any steps they could take to try and mend their relationship. Lyrica became too emotional to think about the pain she’s endured and stormed off the stage to get herself together. A1 began to tear up, watching his wife break down. When she returned, her demeanor brought tears to the eyes of the other castmates on stage as well.

Eventually, Lyrica embraced A1, showing viewers that there was hope for the couple to work things out. When asked what she thinks it would take to turn their marriage around, Lyrica told the host she just needs time and forgiveness. A1 didn’t shy away from his part in divide and made a plan to become a better husband. “Only answer I can think of for myself is getting myself right with God,” he said.

The two have been married since 2016 and had their first child together child 2 years later. Earlier this month, Lyrica told A1 she wanted a divorce. Fans will have to wait for the return of LHH: Hollywood to see if A1 and Lyrica can survive this rough patch in their marriage.