Kim Kardashian Gifted North West Original Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” Hat For Christmas

Kim Kanye North Saint
Kim Kardashian / IG

What did you find under the tree this Christmas? We’ll wager a guess that it wasn’t as cool as what North West got.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spoilt their eldest daughter earlier this week when they gave her a blinged-out jacket that had belonged to none other than Michael Jackson. The item was sold to the pair at an auction for $65,625 two months ago. Featuring silver chains and a red armband on the right, the black jacket was worn by the “Man in the Mirror” at the 65th birthday party of his dear friend, Elizabeth Taylor.

“North is a really big Michael Jackson fan, and we knew she would love this,” Kim told her Instagram followers about the 6-year-old. “We won this on an auction for Northie for Christmas and we had it tacked up so she could wear it. The sleeves are half tacked up so when she gets older we can untack the sleeve and it can grow with her and she can have this for her whole life.”

But because the Wests are never ones to do things by half measures, the King of Pop’s jacket is not the only thing North received this festive season. You can’t have a jacket belonging to such an icon without a hat to go along with it. Part two of the little girl’s Christmas gift was the cream hat which Michael Jackson wore in his music video for “Smooth Criminal” in 1988. The video was inspired by The Godfather, with the fedora still having the late artist’s make-up on it from the shoot.

North did not wear the ensemble at the Kardashians’ famous Christmas Eve party this year. According to Kim, her firstborn had a cold and was feeling a bit under the weather. Even so, she still looked lovely as she rocked a light pink suit with Princess Leia buns in her hair.