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DaBaby Says Someone Died While Cops Harassed Him In Charlotte

DaBaby says cops could’ve saved at least one life instead of harassing him in Charlotte last night.

There is no love lost between DaBaby and the personnel at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The “Bop” rapper now has a black mark against his name (which is legally Jonathan Kirk) after he was arrested following a performance at the Bojangles Coliseum in his hometown. The charges pertain to marijuana possession, with a citation added on top of that after he resisted arrest, according to the cops. DaBaby claims that the police illegally searched his vehicle while he was on stage and uploaded a video taken by his team to prove it.

“CMPD was outside doing this,” he wrote on the video, which was posted on IG. “Unlawfully shining multiple flash lights in my car looking for reasons to support an illegal search by the time I got off stage.”

Following his release, the 28-year-old vented his anger on his Instagram Story, showing fans his identity bracelet and his bag of belongings. “This how you know the police there are wrong. I’m waiting to see the magistrate, three hours. They made me take 12 different mugshots.” He continued to reveal that he was also denied his right to make a phone call.

DaBaby told Charlotte’s Channel 9 that he had felt targeted by police, and his latest claim on Twitter backs that up.

“Someone died last night while the police department wasting resources and officers to harass me in attempt to make a bad example out of me. When in reality, I’m the most positive example the city of Charlotte got. Especially for anybody in the streets of Charlotte and the KIDS,” he wrote.

The statement was in reference to the rapper’s act of holiday kindness before his concert, where he outdid Santa by giving presents to 200 underprivileged children so they, too, could experience a little Christmas magic.