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French Montana Says Trip To ICU Was A Major Eye Opener

French Montana says he will invest more time and effort on his happiness.

French Montana gave the industry a scare after being hospitalized over excessive partying during his birthday. The incident was preceded by non-stop traveling that saw him squeeze in 4 countries in a week. He remembers the highlight of the trip – taking his mother back to Africa after 28 years, where they had a big celebration. French Montana confesses that the last time he took a rest was back in 2003 when he took a whole month off. On November 21, Montanna was admitted after suffering nausea, intense stomach pain, and a spike in heart rate. Known for his party life persona, he admits the excesses have now caught up with him – this being his learning lesson.

We see the Bad Boys rapper, delve into self-reflection where he blames part of the incident to his own over-exertion.

“When I was in the hospital, I got more love than I have ever got through any award, through any, anything that helped me in my career” he goes on to say, “Show me, love, I’m here.” He seems displeased by those who posted shout outs on Instagram rather than call him up. He wondered how a dope caption posted on an IG page would’ve helped him as he faced a life-threatening situation.

He mentions how Megan Thee Stallion was the only one who showed up to see him in the hispital. “Besides that, I ain’t seen nobody” Montana mentions God and his choices from now on. He mentions how the money chase means nothing as it can all go away, especially for people who do not care much about your well-being.

French Montana talks about the album, rapping about what he went through. He talks catching goosebumps or shedding tears occasionally while in the studio. French mentions Drake, Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky, and other features. Artists he considers as true friends.