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Eminem Takes High Road In Nick Cannon’s Beef, Pays Homage To Andre 3000

Eminem seems to be taking the high road in his beef with Nick Cannon.

While the host of “The Masked Singer” churns out diss track after diss track, fans are holding their breath for Slim Shady to say something — anything — in response on social media or even a new song. Eminem reignited the flames of the decade-old war two weeks ago when he released a track with Fat Joe that was not too kind towards Mariah Carey’s ex. It seems that even after 10 years, Em can’t let go of the 6-month relationship with the “All I Want for Christmas is You” singer that she has always denied ever took place.

Nick Cannon’s initial response to “Lord Above” was a few comments on his Power 106 radio show where he criticized Eminem’s age and told him to get out his wheelchair. He followed that up with the first diss track called “The Invitation.” Claiming that Marshall Mathers had paid off a chauffeur to cover up the rapper performing fellatio, Em responded on Twitter by saying that he has never even had a driver.

Nick got back into the studio with The Black Squad to record a second diss track called “Pray for Him.” On it, they rap that the Grammy winner will never be a legend, is viewed as a drug addict in America, and even make mention of his daughter Hailie.

Em remained quiet following the track’s December 10th release, which may have prompted Nick Cannon to drop another to elicit a reaction. “The Invitation: Cancelled” is rather hectic, with the 39-year-old calling Eminem the ‘KKK of this generation.

Ever since December 19th, fans have been waiting for Em’s response, but all they’ve received is a reaction to an interview which André 3000 recently conducted. The OutKast member told Rick Rubin that back in the day, he and Em used to have a thing where they swapped lyrics from the hip hop group, Hieroglyphics.

Sharing a link to an article about their conversations, Eminem tweeted lyrics from a Souls of Mischief record.

Perhaps that means he’s saving his disses for the music.