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Dancehall Fans Trolls D’Angel After Claiming She’s The Baddest On Stage

D’Angel gets trolled by dancehall fans after claiming that she is the “baddest” stage performer.

The self-titled “Lady of Dancehall”, D’Angel is being made a mockery of on Instagram, after The Star published an article yesterday, where D’Angel claimed that she is the top artiste on stage and that she deserved more credit. According to the Star, the 41-year-old had, following her recent performance at Ghetto Splash, described persons who disagreed that she is a show-stopper as “lady a dancehall liad”, and “music liad.” “Me have a catalogue weh speaks for itself and plus me a di baddest pan stage, so who wah vex, vex,” the Star quoted the model-turned-artiste as saying.

The majority of the readers were cold as icebergs in their verbal onslaught of the former Miguel model, claiming she was a sub-par artiste, who was just “too nuff.”

“Baddest where? The only place mek u feel like the baddest a up a the horny soldier camp…,” sachin_mommy jeered, referencing D’Angel’s recent performances at the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) bases at Moneague in St. Ann and Up Park Camp in Kingston.

“Next she a go say she deserve a Grammy dwl,” one fan quipped.

Other followers surmised that the artiste’s love life had “overshadowed her career”, while some described her as “an old woman” who should sit down or “go to church.”

The taunting of the St. Catherine High School old girl did not end there, as others were merciless in their dismissal of her, claiming the only credit she could be referring to, was telephone credit from Digicel and LIME, Jamaica’s two mobile phone service providers, one of whom has a Shake and Win Promotion going on for the Christmas season.

“Just shake and win and you’ll get the credit. It’s not that hard bro!” joshcreationz said.

Producer Skatta Burrell of Downsound Entertainment attempted to come to D’Angel’s rescue, posting: “She really is good onstage though. She learnt from two of the greatest and I see her applying the methods in her stage craft. She need management and production. She’s been doing it on her own as a female and it ain’t easy so she deserves credit for her resilience. Don’t count no one out this business has a way of shifting the tides in favor of the unexpected.”

The Downsound executive was immediately pounced upon by some militant readers, who trashed his arguments, some declaring that he should sign her to his production company if he finds her impressive.

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“Skatta, if u see her true potential why not sign her,” Lorna said in her counteraction.

“Skatta, you have to understand that many people can sing, but music is just not for them, you have to have stage performance…so D’Angel on the other hand needs to go and model… music isn’t for her,” dream_toni5 said.

Some followers evidently have not gotten over comments the artiste made about teenage sensation Koffee, whom she compared herself with a few months ago.

“I don’t even follow angel.. fi her time expire… shi fi go do suppme else and lowe music thing alone caz di level wah Dancehall reach yah now shi caah keep up,” one woman said.

There were a handful of readers who played cheerleader for the artiste though, among them one woman who declared that D’Angel was a much better artiste than Dancehall diva Spice.

“Claim anything you want girl. People is so mixed up, talking about Spice… what’s makes spice the baddest? Singing explicitly and and shaking ass? Dwl what the world gone to. In your opinion if you are the baddest!! Then you are the baddest and nobody should dispute that,” she said.