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New Prison Photo Of Suge Knight With Daughter Arion Surfaced

Suge Knight is riding high from his feature on Nick Cannon’s Eminem diss track, “The Invitation.”

Anytime Suge makes it to the news, something serious has just gone down. This time, it is due to an Eminem diss track that seems to have stroke up emotions around the Mariah Carey Love triangle. His vocals featured on Nick Cannon’s track “The Invitation,” right at the intro and outro. We have not been able to see Suge as he is held up at the San Diego Richard J. Donovan correctional facility. His daughter Arion currently runs the father’s Instagram page. She posted a photo of the two taken within the prison. Suge seems to be doing just fine, posing in dark shades alongside the daughter.

The relationship between Suge and his daughter Arion is cordial, and they have many pictures together. A recent interview with Arion on the 313 Live show, we got to understand more about the life, education, and ambitions of the young Arion.

The former NFL player has been serving a prison sentence since 2015. That was after he worked out a plea deal with prosecutors that saw him get 28 years in prison. The former rap king pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter after he ran over a Compton businessman four years ago. The dead man, “Terry Carter” was part of the set of the 2015 biographical movie, “Straight Outta Compton.”

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The co-founder of Death Row Records was indicted on several charges, including murder, attempted murder, fleeing the scene after a hit-and-run altercation in 2015, among others. In his defense, Knight’s lawyers argued that their client acted in self-defense. Last month, Knight admitted that Ray J was running all Suge’s business dealings.

If lucky, the 54-year-old could be back home in just ten years if we take into count time served and the State’s’ overcrowded detention facilities.