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Love & Hip Hop: Cyn Santana Breaks Down While Watching Joe Budden Proposal

It’s safe to say that Cyn Santana isn’t ready to give up on Joe Budden.

When Joe Budden proposed on Love & Hip Hop: New York last season, it took everyone by surprise. Especially Cyn Santana. The pair are parents to Lexington Budden, who turned two-years-old this past weekend, and the former rapper decided to get down on one knee exactly a year ago whilst filming a live episode of The Joe Budden Podcast in New York. In the year that has past, the couple decided that marital bliss was not in their future and chose to call off their engagement and go their separate ways as lovers. VH1, who broadcasts Love & Hip Hop, might need some reminding of that though.

Have you ever had to endure that awkward moment when you had to relive the proposal of your failed engagement while narrating it for millions of viewers around the world? Welcome to Cyn’s life.

During the premiere for season 10 of the reality show, VH1 compiled a series of “highlights” from the past season — including Joe’s proposal. A super emotional Cyn Santana excused herself from the set and can be heard saying, “It’s so hard. I really wanted my family,” in between sobs.

When she returns, she tells the camera, “It’s been a year since this. That was just a really beautiful moment for me. I’m sad and disappointed and.. it’s just hard. It’s hard when you really want things to work and they’re not working on your time or according to your plan. I got faith and hope for days and years and at the end of the day, that’s the father of my son. Family is super important to me. It’s different now.”

Cyn reaffirmed her faith in God by stating that she has a belief in His plan for her. We have no doubt that it will be a good one.