Kim Kardashian Gets Called Out For Cultural Appropriation Over This Magazine Cover Shoot

Kim Kardashian West is again being accused of cultural appropriation with her latest magazine cover.

Kim Kardashian is a wonderful mother to four biracial children. You’d think by now she would have figured out how to navigate this multi-ethnic life that she leads. It turns out the reality star hasn’t quite got that down yet, as seen with her latest shoot for 7Hollywood. In the photo that is being heavily criticized online, Kim is dressed in a tight black leather ensemble that accentuates her full bust, black heels, stockings, and white pearls. What most fans noticed, though, is that the beauty mogul seems a bit darker than usual. The thing is Kim has been here before, she’s apologized, and she’s said she didn’t mean any offense, but now some seemingly offended parties are calling “girl who cried wolf.”

To be fair, the art direction of the photoshoot is credited to Manifred Thierry Mugler, so we know that this wasn’t Kim’s idea. However, fans don’t believe it excuses what they believe is blatant cultural appropriation. The comment section of the beautiful but controversial photo is sadly short of compliments and rather replete with criticism.

“She wanna be black so bad it’s sicken,” one fan wrote. “Black is not a costume, everybody wanna be black until it’s time to be black This gotta stop,” another passionate fan argued. On the other side of the spectrum, some fans did come through in KKW’s defense, claiming that the TV personality is of mixed race and is not expected to be pale. “Y’all sound dumb af. Kim Kardashian is not just white. She is half Armenian. She already has a tan,” the fan said. However, another commenter retorted with “Armenians are another ethnic group of caucasians not brown ppl.”

Evidently, Kim got a spray tan for the shoot, and maybe further edits were made to make the tone a bit warmer than usual, but some fans think that she took it a bit too far. “She needs to chill on the spray tans,” one fan commented. Another fan seemingly not on any side stated that “Black women steady bleaching to look white no problem but y’all always have a problem with white women tanning.” Perhaps the most politically correct comment was “She’s Armenian not white. I agree she looks much darker here though.”

Do you think Kim is being a culture vulture?