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A$AP Rocky Roasted To A Crisp On Twitter Over Leaked Sex Tape, Female Fans Unimpressed

A$AP Rocky is in the news again, but this time it’s a little more embarrassing than getting locked up in a foreign country.

The last time A$AP Rocky‘s name was all over the media, he was being held at a detention facility in Sweden following a street brawl involving his bodyguards and some foreigners. The rapper rallied an army of support while he was incarcerated overseas, even getting the recently impeached president of the United States to speak to the Nordic country’s leader himself.

Now A$AP Rocky is making headlines for a completely different reason, and this time, the reaction is not as supportive. Today a video was leaked on the internet that allegedly shows A$AP Rocky having sexual relations with a female while recording it himself. The adult film that has now gone viral was first leaked to Pornhub. There are no faces, but fans are speculating that the tattoos on the male protagonist are eerily similar to that of the Harlem rapper. The problem is A$AP is being dragged for his performance.

Fans have been roasting the rapper all day, taking to the different social media platforms to express their amusing disappointment. “Just saw asap rocky’s sextape ima drop the link, but it isn’t anything impressive,” one fan tweeted. Another fan commented on the video itself saying, “stroke game weak,” the fan wrote.

A$AP Rocky is yet to respond to this controversy, but that is not stopping fans from clowning him. Since there are no faces in the video, the rapper could very well get away with denying that it’s him. Do you think he will pull a Shaggy and say “it wasn’t me” or will he get his lawyers involved and have the video removed? We’ll have to wait and see. Maybe he is ignoring the elephant in hopes of it going away. Yeah, that’ll happen.