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A$AP Rocky Released from Jail In Sweden, President Trump Claim Credit For It

ASAP Rocky
ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky has finally been released from jail in Sweden.

A$AP Rocky has been on trial all week in an assault case stemming from a June 30 street brawl. On Friday the New York rapper was released from jail after sitting in there for several weeks awaiting his fate. A judge in a Stockholm district court said he was free to go while he decides a verdict in the case and TMZ reports that A$AP was granted permission to leave the country and come home.

The verdict will be handed out on August 14, TMZ said. The decision to free the rapper was met with cheers from onlookers in the courtroom. Fans, fellow celebrities, and even President Donald Trump have been campaigning for A$AP’s release after it was reported he was sitting in jail in inhumane conditions.

Prosecutors on Friday alleged that A$AP used a bottle to injure a man in a fight after the man and his friend followed the Harlem rapper and his crew on the street. After asking the two men to walk the other way, the MC’s bodyguard shoved one of the men, sparking the altercation. On Friday Rocky’s lawyer argued that none of his actions were premeditated or coordinated amongst his crew. He argued that video evidence showed A$AP Rocky, born Rakim Meyers’, involvement was a minimum of six seconds in the fight.

Prosecutors asked the judge to send A$AP to jail for six months.

A$AP Rocky’s bodyguard also testified Friday and said since the alleged victims approached the entourage twice, in the U.S., that is grounds to take action and defend yourself. The bodyguard claimed that the man who was injured had his own bottle in his hand and that there was no way to confirm that Rocky was the one who gave him his cuts and bruises.

Prosecutors continued to argue that A$AP’s actions were excessive, TMZ said.

Now it’s up to the judge to decide if A$AP will be able to put this whole case behind him.

President Donald Trump has since tweeted about it while claiming credit for A$AP Rocky’s release.