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A$AP Rocky Pulls A Shaggy In Viral Sex Tape Scandal, “It Wasn’t Me”

ASAP Rocky
ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky is not letting his reputation dwindle with the assumed size of his manhood.

On Thursday morning, most people either woke up to the news that President Trump was impeached or to an alleged A$AP Rocky sex tape – it depends on who you follow. An explicit video was leaked online that allegedly showcased Harlem rapper, A$AP Rocky, in bedroom action. The adult film that revealed no faces went viral when fans started speculating that the star had the same tattoos as A$AP Rocky.

The responses to the video were less than favorable to say the least. Firstly, fans started clowning the rapper for a weak stroke game and unimpressive performance overall. The next observation was that the man in the video could be regarded as a “skinny n***a” but the rest of the famous lyrics would certainly not apply. Fans have been dragging poor Pretty Flacko all day but the rapper has shot down rumors that he is the male protagonist of the amateur, sub-par film.

Taking to Twitter to respond to the unsubstantiated claims, A$AP Rocky responded with a humorous tone. “My penis and I woke up 2 the alarming disturbance of a video clip 2day,” he wrote. “As his defense attorney we’re prepared to deny any slow strokes or lack of killin the p****y. A long list of satisfied women can attest too. But the real punchline is seeing ppl who never f***ed him rate him.”

Perhaps users online were too quick in their analysis that led them to determine that this was Flacko’s sex tape. The rapper took on a passive-aggressive approach with his response, hilariously dispelling the absurd claims but simultaneously calling out the unfounded bashing from people who lacked evidence. What I want to know is, just how long is this list of satisfied women he speaks of?