Ishawna “Equal Rights” Ventures In Sexual Assault Territory

Ishawna is one of those dancehall acts who put the risk in risque. Her seductive behaviors are enhanced whenever she performs her 2017 track, “Equal Rights.” During one of her most recent performances, she attempted to perform her special move, which sees her seemingly straddling the head of a willing male volunteer.

Things did not go as planned as the volunteer seemingly got a bit carried away, and instead of simply laying on the stage, he began to engage in a simulated version of the oral act. The look on the “Restraining Order” singer’s face shows that she was surprised and immediately tried to free herself from the grips of the now riled up volunteer. The man released his grip after a few seconds, and Ishawna was able to make her getaway.

Persons have been commenting below the video, with many claiming that she finally got the tongue she was asking for. Others have claimed that the male volunteer took things beyond the scope of the consensual arrangement that was initially agreed to. Nadeen Spence, who is a women’s rights activist, claimed that the singer was assaulted.

“I couldn’t hear what she said over the music but she indicated through the touch and then attempting to walk away that the consent was withdrawn. He continued despite that withdrawal and according to law, that is sexual assault,” commented Nadine to the Star after viewing the video.

She continued, “We can question her decision making, we can discuss whether or not we believe that she was careless with her own body and how she allows people to access and touch her. We all have opinions. But in this case, it would appear that the situation went from one of consent to forced simulated sex.”

Popular dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn commented on her actions and the safety concerns surrounding them, “Memba she nah perform normal innu. She a perform a strip tease so that’s an enhanced performance. The fans will get carried away. It’s like Dexta Daps in the opposite. Him coulda really latch on pan her and him inna adrenaline rush, goodly not even know weh him a do,” he said. “She shoulda know say her fans a some horny goats weh fascinated by her and fantasise bout her so she fi have security there. Nothing nuh wrong wid she entertaining her fans in a seductive way, but while yuh doing that yuh have to have security just in case the fans get carried away.”

Ishawna has not offered a public statement on the incident, nor has there been any word of her pressing charges.