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50 Cent Again Trolling Nick Cannon On The Gram, Cannon Clapped Back

50 Cent is still trolling Nick Cannon over his diss track for Eminem, but the comedian is never out of comebacks.

Recently when Nick Cannon released two diss tracks for Eminem following the “Rap God” laying waste to the comedian’s ‘almost’ threat from some time ago, a lot of people were confused as to why anyone would want to poke the Mathers beast. Among the bemused was 50 Cent, who is notorious for trolling on social media, so it came as no surprise when the rapper responded to Nick publicly.

Taking to Instagram, 50 Cent posted a dope image of Eminem along with a passionate caption that read in part: “Hey Nick that sh*t was trash, I oughta kick you in yo a** when I see you PUNK!” Nick Cannon replied laughing in the comments writing, “There he is! Oooh! I like that! Set it up OG!” he said. Nick followed up with a post of his own – a picture of an old disgruntled Samuel L. Jackson in character on Django Unchained. He tagged Fifty in the post, insinuating that the rapper is old, maybe even miserable – it was comedic gold.

Fifty might have taken a while, but we all expected him to say something eventually. Today the “Power” producer took to Instagram to post a photo of Nick Cannon in a bikini top sprawled out on a stage with his hand supporting his head. In the caption, the professional troller said, “Nick like ‘so that’s it, nobody cares about my dis record.’ No Nobody cares LOL,” Fifty wrote. Honestly, this was hilarious, and it does seem like Cannon claimed a premature win when Em did not respond to his diss track.

However, while 50 Cent has built a reputation for trolling, Nick Cannon has built a career out of it. The MTV’s Wild ‘N Out producer responded timely with another still shot of Jackson (Samuel, not Curtis, even though Cannon doesn’t see the difference) in one of his more mentally unstable scenes from Django Unchained. “@50Cent since Massa is incapacitated we cordially invite you to come to the show @mtvwildnout and get this smoke!! LOL,” Nick said in the caption. Fans have been cracking up at the hilarious banter between the TV producers.

The best part is, I have no doubt we have so much more to look forward to from these dedicated roasters.