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Summer Walker Gets A G-Wagon Early Christmas Gift From London On Da Track

Summer Walker is celebrating her Christmas over a week early thanks to her boyfriend, London On Da Track.

After a year of major professional success and a few personal setbacks, singer Summer Walker was surprised by her boyfriend, London On Da Track, and her label, LVRN, when she was presented with a brand-new Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. The “Body” singer posted a video of her new whip on Instagram, writing, “People don’t even know what I actually went through this year.. I just s*cked it up & kept pushin to the best of my abilities. Stayed quiet & stayed kind & in return I just keep getting BLESSED.” She went on to thank her label and her boyfriend for making her feel like part of a family.

Walker also mentioned that she needed some cheering up at the time she received the extravagant gift, saying, “the worst day turned into the best day.” Some think this may have been a reference to recent backlash from fans who were angry about Walker canceling shows during her tour, as well as some fans who complained that she was unfriendly during meet and greet sessions after her concerts. One internet troll provided a perfect example of the criticism Summer has had to endure alongside her newfound fame, commenting on her post, “B*tch, you ain’t sick no more, huh?”

Since canceling some of her shows and responding to disappointed fans, Walker has been open about her mental health struggles, calling herself an empath who feels mentally and emotionally drained after interacting with crowds of strangers. Despite having a hard time adjusting to fame, the singer has enjoyed positive critical reception and chart-topping success since the release of her debut album, Over It. While staring in awe at the custom red interior of her new ride in the recent video, someone from Summer’s team reminds her, “Setbacks don’t matter when you have a support system. Remember that. We love you.”

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