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Summer Walker Argued With Fans Who Said Her Hands Look Old And Wrinkly

The relationship between an artist and the fans is undoubtedly a complicated one.

They’ve always got your back when you need it. Just ask Beyoncé whose Beyhive literally swarms social media pages of those whom they believe have done her down. But you also get weird, stalker relationships like Eminem described so well in “Stan.” The relationship which Summer Walker has with her fans lies somewhere in the middle. Yes, lovers of the “Stretch You Out” singer buy her albums and scream their lungs out at her shows, but they’ve also been known to call her out. And Summer claps right back.

As do many celebs, Summer used the ‘gram to show off her latest man(icure). The 23-year-old sported purple and blue holograms with diamantés while showing off her rings and finger tats. “I’m so extra,” she captioned the pic.

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I’m so extra ?

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One of her ‘fans’ then left a less-than-flattering comment about the condition of Summer’s appendages, saying, “Your hands look older den u sis.”

Summer’s response, like her name, left a burn. “This is what your hands look like when you’ve been working hard since 16, flipping burgers, scrubbing floors, & dancing,” she wrote. “Not sitting around on random n***as couches all day gliding Vaseline on d*cks for a bag.”

This is not the first time that Summer has had a run-in with her supporters. She previously canceled 20 shows of her tour due to suffering from social anxiety and was booed last weekend when fans believed that she would be performing at a club gig (as had been publicized by the promoters) but was in fact, just there to host.

She also managed to upset fans in Toronto last month when they braved the freeze cold to see her perform, only for the singer to be two hours late because she was hanging out with Drake.

We think someone needs to get the girl some PR training.