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Was Drake Why Summer Walker Was Late For Her Show In Toronto? Fans Fuming

Drake might’ve been the reason why Summer Walker was late for her show in Toronto last night.

Summer Walker is not in her fans’ good books at the moment. Dozens of Summer lovers made their way to Rebel in Toronto last night, willing to brave the Canadian cold in order to turn up the heat with the singer. Walker had promised to deliver a banger of a show, even issuing a “warning” to her fans on Instagram earlier in the day.

“If y’all wanna see 2 splits, a back flip, an a Adele belt, & one Pusey pop this show is not for you,” she wrote. “Lol just this is for wine sippers, blunt roller, & hand swayers.”

Doors to the venue were meant to open at 8 PM, but fans revealed that they didn’t get in till after nine. The time that Walker chose to show up, however, was around 10:30 PM and her fans were furious. So what kept the “Something Real” singer up? Was it social anxiety, like one Twitter user suggested? The condition had previously caused the 23-year-old to cancel 20 of her show dates, cutting short her First and Last Tour.

“Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to finish this tour because it doesn’t really coexist with my social anxiety and my introverted personality,” she said. “But I really hope that people understand and respect that at the end of the day that I’m a person—I have feelings, I get tired, I get sad, and it’s just a lot.”

As much as we’d like to give Summer Walker the benefit of the doubt, she outed herself over the reason she was so late. She was hanging out with Drake.

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memories ?

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The pair did a remix of Walker’s song “Girls Need Love,” and the “God’s Plan” rapper has often told Summer when she’s doing good.

While we’re all for their friendship — and hopefully future music; time and place, guys.