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Cardi B Turn Way Up In Nigeria, Drop Racks At The Strip Club

Cardi B was turning all the way up in Nigeria.

Cardi B’s superstardom has taken her around the world, but we haven’t seen her have quite as much fun as she’s having in Nigeria. The “Money” rapper spent a lot of it Friday night after visiting a strip club in the African nation. Cardi has always been vocal about her past occupation in New York strip clubs, and every time we get a glimpse of her visiting a club, she shows the dancers major love.

Cardi B posted a series of clips to her Instagram Stories of her spending racks on racks in her section full of dancers. She even made it rain on the local fans who were in attendance, watching it all from the dancefloor. When she first arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, where she’s billed to perform at the Livespot X Festival, she told her fans that the country reminded her a lot of the Dominican Republic, a comparison that garnered mixed reactions on social media.

Nonetheless, Cardi showed her intentions were pure and continued to big up Nigeria when she returned back to her hotel via Livestream. “I like this country a lot. You want to know why I like this country? Because you find everything that you’re really looking for in this country,” she said.

“You know this country [has] tourism, like if you want to go to beaches and relax with your couple, with your husband with your wife. They have that. If you’re looking for culture, if you want to see how people are living, how people make a living, you have that. Over here it reminds me of the Carribean Islands with a touch of New York because everybody is busy.”

Cardi B also offered to pay for a fan’s tickets to the festival after reposting a video of a Nigerian girl in tears saying she wasn’t permitted to go. The “Bodak Yellow” star said Saturday morning that she was looking to visit the “hood” and wanted to be amongst the people. “I want to see like the real Nigeria. I don’t want to eat hotel food. I want to eat like the real Nigerian food. All that fish, all that jollof rice.”

You can catch a recap of Cardi B’s Nigerian experience so far below.