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Konshens Asks His Wife Latoya For Forgiveness, Hints At Cheating

There is more trouble in paradise for Konshens and his Wife Latoya Wright.

Konshens posted a heart-wrenching post on Instagram revealing that he and his wife Latoya Wright might’ve parted ways again. The dancehall star promised to work on his mental health and become a better version of himself and a better husband. This marks the second ocassion this year that Konshens and his wife have parted ways. Earlier this year, Latoya Wright announced their split after two years of marriage. While the Subkonshus deejay did not specifically state that the two parted ways, her Instagram Story also hints at more trouble in their marriage.

“You will wake up and grow up when she already gone,” the dancehall deejay wrote. “All she did was – Bring me the greatest happiness only rivaled by mi kids births. – stick by me no matter what and who going against me.”

Konshens was very gracious in admitting his flaws as a husband and promised his wife that he would work hard to fix those flaws. While he didn’t speak specifically on what he did, the deejay has been rumored to be cheating on his wife.

“Match me perfectly spiritually and physically- partner with me in business and life, and me still find so many way fi mek this f$%# up” Konshens said while adding, “Mi ago fix miself as a person and fix mi head to.”

Latoya has always tried to keep her personal life from social media but we could see where her IG Story may have confirmed the inevitable.

“New chapter!!! accept the wounds and grow from them and don’t mother f$%#ing fall in the same trap again,” she wrote. “Ever had that ONE person you always said is your rider? your closest. The one you would always swear for when it comes to loyalty and being in your corner, your ace.”

There is a difference between being loyal and being faithful but that bold in the word “one” at the beginning, may very well mean that she is referring to her husband.

After their first split earlier this year, some fans believed that it was a publicity stunt to promote his new music. This time, it doesn’t seem like a stunt, but let’s hope that Konshens and his beautiful wife can work things out.

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