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Teenage Rapper NLE Choppa Signed A $8 Million Record Deal

NLE Choppa should be smiling all the way to the bank if rumors of his newly copped deal is true.

According to reports, the 17-year-old rapper has signed a record deal valued at a whopping $8 Million. The full details of the deal has not yet been released, but sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that the Memphis rapper is getting ready to release a new album. NLE Choppa is one of the fastest rising new rappers in the game currently. His singles, “Camelot” and “Shotta Flow” literally took over the streets since being released in 2019.

Earlier in the year, NLE Choppa boasted that he made $10 Million since getting in the game. “I Ran Up 7 Million In 9 Months And Only 16… I See Why They Mad,” he said. He forgot the additional 3 million dollars from his publishing deal and corrected himself, “Ten Million* When This Publishing Deal Come In Forgot About That B*tch.” The rapper has turned down a 3 million record deal offered to him earlier in the year but chose instead to stay independent by getting a distribution deal. It seems the 8 million offer may have been too good to turn down.

Many people think the acronym at the start of his name is insignificant. However, it seems NLE represents a movement. The acronym stands for No Love Entertainment and the young rapper said, “I want to pretty much make it into a label. Just make it big, make it a household name.”

Urban Islandz will update you with more details about NLE Choppa’s new multimillion record deal.