Elephant Man Found The Lost City Of Dancing In “Find It” Video

Dancehall Icon of Dance Elephant Man- “Find It”

What he never does is fail in fashion, lyrics, and dance moves. A lot of us may even say he paved the way for the Ding Dong Ravers to be so accepted by the culture with their ever-fresh dance moves. Elephant Man, aka the Energy God, remains full of vibe and energy, and this new single was nothing short of the energy boosters.

Elephant Man’s new track “Find it” produced by Downsound Entertainment, sure sent a clear message to remind the dancehall community and fans of those apart from him who paved the way in the dance sector. As usual, you know the energy God had to turn up the amplifiers on this one, but the most epic scene of the video was when he paid his respects to the original Don Dada, Louie “Ox” Rankin, aka Teddy Bruckshot.

Another dance anthem is born, and if you are looking for it, you better go “Find it” because his intentions for sure are to bring back Dancehall to where it is supposed to be. Elephant Man sure did hype up the video with some of his earlier moves like shelly belly and willy bounce, but it never stopped there.

Let’s put on our dancing shoes and “Find It” with the Energy God.