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Snoop Dogg Says He Is Sexier Than John Legend, The Sexiest Crip Alive

Snoop Dogg feels like he is sexier than John Legend.

Fans and celebrities have been reacting to the news all week that singer John Legend was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2019. The EGOT winner follows actor Idris Elba who received the honor in 2018. But West Coast legend Snoop Dogg thinks the publication may have made a mistake and trolled Legend with a cover story of his own.

On Thursday, Snoop posted an edited version of the magazine cover with his face on John Legend’s body. Snoop is wearing the same suit, but his tie has the pattern of a blue bandana, reflecting the OG’s gang affiliation. He even went as far as to photoshop a blunt burning in his mouth. The cover originally read “John Legend: How a good guy got it all,” but it was hilariously changed to “Snoop Dogg: How a crop took your chick.” “Thank. You,” Snoop wrote in the caption.

The 48-year-old MC is known for playing entirely too much, and this prank even fooled the likes of Ray J, who congratulated him on the award before realizing it was a joke. “Look at God workin,” Ray J wrote before adding “Wait I thought this was real lol.”

We have to admit that this was a pretty good troll.

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Thank. You ???

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