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Safaree Wants To Sue After Pregnant Wife Erica Mena Got Injured In NY: Love & Hip Hop

Safaree wants to sue someone maybe Trump after his pregnant wife Erica Mena suffered an ankle injury in New York City.

A very pregnant Erica Mena fell and sprained her ankle while walking in New York yesterday! Her husband Safaree Samuels posted a video to his Instagram account of a smiling Erica, as she was being pushed in a wheelchair. You can hear someone’s voice saying fabulous, presumably husband Safaree, as the chair heads down the aisle. She does look fantastic, dressed in what the couple loves the most, fur. Safaree captioned his video, “My wife fell and sprained her ankle last night on a bum ass New York City hole in the street… I’m so mad. We should sue the city or trump! but at least she looks fabulous.”

There were two questions that we were asked by fans in the comment section; the first being is the baby okay, and the other centered around what sort of footwear she had on. With all the smiles and good cheer in the video, we are happy to confirm that there is no indication that any harm came to the baby during the fall. Erica also gave an answer to the other question of what she was wearing when she commented on how everyone’s advice to wear flats did not work for her.

Safaree also posted an updated video that saw him and barber (SLIMM The Barber For The Stars), lifting Erica down a flight of stairs. While it looked pretty dangerous, it seems it was the best way to get her around as hopping on one leg while being pregnant is definitely not an option. You can hear Erica laughing with a few people who are out of the shot of the camera before saying with a straight face, “please don’t drop me guys.”

Based on Safaree’s caption, it seems that the Love & Hip Hop cameras were still rolling. He did also confess that it was a long day but that they had fun. R&B singer Ginuwine took to the comments to say, “Take care of the Queen King;” showing some love and respect to Erica’s husband, Safaree.

Fans are happy to know the baby is still doing great and wish a speedy recovery for Erica.

By the way, do you think that they should really sue?