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50 Cent Fans Flames Ja Rule On Twitter, He Claps Back

Ja Rule and 50 Cent

Ja Rule had some hilarious clap backs this week for fans who said 50 Cent ended his rap career.

Ja Rule has been in the headlines recently for his Twitter rant on the debatable quality of the popular Popeyes sandwich. The rapper openly denounced the “wack a** chicken sandwich” and made some sarcastic comments about its appeal. This invited a lot of fans perhaps incentivized by that inexplicable Popeyes chicken sandwich zeal to unleash their darkest thoughts about Ja Rule.

When one fan responded to Ja Rule’s public condemnation of the idolized mediocrity and suggested that this is why 50 Cent “bullies” him, Jah Rule calmly drew for the paradox of a rather serious, sarcastic response. “You do know he got beat up stabbed and shot,” he told the fan.

Some members of the Twitter squad opted for a change in the script when they pitched the narrative that Jah Rule had fallen off. Unexpectedly, the rapper actually just went along with the idea. In a hilarious tweet that followed up that plot, Ja Rule kept the storyline going when he said, “It’s been real ladies and gents I gotta go now and hand wash one of my Uber’s and get to work,” he wrote.

That tweet is still the apex of my Wednesday morning. As the exchange went on, a fan admitted to Ja Rule, “I’m glad 50 cent ended you,” in an attempt to scold him further. Ja Rule responded, “Me too f**k Ja Rule.”

As amusing as these fans trolling Ja Rule and him trolling them right back is, no one has forgotten about the indamous disgrace that was the Fyre Festival and the rapper’s alleged involvement so many looks at the rapper in disdain for any comment he makes really. Recently Ja Rule made mention of a revamped Fyre event, and while some fans – seemingly convinced that the entrepreneur is demented – simply looked the other way, others peered at the absurd suggestion in awe of its tactless audacity.

The point is Ja Rule might want to still tread lightly here. Some critics have established that they’re doubtful the rapper can truly come back from this. Check out the hilarious tweets from this morning’s clap backs.