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Chris Brown Shares His Home Address And Invite Fans To His House, Here It Is

Chris Brown wants you all to pull up to his home and shop around.

Chris Brown is trying to get rid of a bunch of his old clothes and items by hosting a major yard sale. It’s likely that his celebrity superstar status has come with high-end designer clothes that he probably only wore once, if ever, and the “Indigo” singer is looking to make some space in his walk-in closets. But the catch is it looks like the yard sale is actually at his house, and he shared the address for his millions of fans to pull up and shop.

Chris posted a flyer to his social media pages on Tuesday with the address 19602 Citrus Ridge Drive, Tarzan, CA. The address on Google Maps shows a mansion at the top of a hidden driveway sitting on tons of surrounding open land. The $4.3 Million home and its luxurious features have been written about plenty of times since he purchased it in 2015, so the address is definitely legit.

The yard sale will be held Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will feature “significantly marked-down, high end designer items,” according to the flyer. Chris Brown said on Twitter that it will be a two-day event at “Da crib,” a gutsy move for such a high-profile celebrity to give away his address. Some fans reacted with much anticipation of having the chance to go to Chris Breezy’s home and actually access his things. Others were upset that they lived in different parts of the country and petitioned the singer to have a sale online for all to participate.

It will be interesting to see how fans act, and if Chris Brown himself will be in attendance. Security is sure to be tight, as we are sure CB doesn’t want another incident like the one in 2015 when he found a naked intruder had broken into his house. This time he is welcoming everyone to intrude upon his humble abode.