KALI GRN Talks Inspiration Behind New Single “Be Thankful” [Exclusive]

There is a lot to “Be Thankful” for today. KALI GRN is back with another uplifting track, and Urban Islandz has the exclusive on his latest banger.

Montego Bay’s favorite young Rasta has been consistently supplying his fans with great reggae hits for quite some time now, and the humble and talented singer is ready to turn it up a notch. KALI GRN’s new song, “Be Thankful” is a simple reminder that life in itself is enough to be grateful for. The Yaard Unity Produce & Entertainment production’s realistic account of all the reasons to give thanks is reflective and well said.

“Nuff people nuh wake dis morning / So mi affi give thanks / Mi have life that alone is a blessing / Nuh need no money in a bank / Clothes pon mi back / Shoes pon mi feet / Any time mi hungry mi got food fi eat / Mi nuh mad, mi nuh sleep pon di street / Mi nuh dung in a grave, mi nuh wrap up in a sheet,” KALI GRN sings.

The second verse brings even more fire from the young Rasta when he delivers a fast, upbeat flow to the tune of the piano’s old school reggae one-drop vibe. I don’t know about you, but this one is already on my morning inspiration playlist. KALI carries a convincing tone throughout the influential, feel-good track. The authentic reggae beat is good therapy for the mind and soul, while the potent lyrics urge the listener to become more introspective, as its every syllable resonates and fills you with gratitude.

As for what inspired KALI GRN to pen this much needed anthem, the always calm spirit told Urban Islandz, “In everything you have to give thanks” – something that might seem so cliché that it could have been written by his publicist yet so true that you find yourself just congruently nodding your head in that “A true, man” kind of way. While KALI is spitting straight facts in this latest single, I wondered what thoughts aid him in locking his mental state into a perpetually grateful one. “Realizing life in itself is a gift.. just to be alive is something to be grateful for,” GRN said. “No matter the situation I may be currently facing, there is always someone that’s in a worse situation than I am, so with that in mind, I’m always grateful,” he added.

This is KALI GRN’s second independent single for 2019. The reggae artist premiered his ‘Recreational Herbs’ project earlier this year and is still lauded profusely for the marijuana-themed 19 track album-mixtape. His other single “Mesmerize” was released in March and is an easy-to-love favorite that still tops most of his female fans’ “100% that b*tch” playlist.

Now that KALI GRN has delivered yet another anthem, he’s left another lasting impression on everyone and their grandmas. My grandma, in particular, was reading Psalm 17 on the spiritually-aligned occasion when I had the honor of hearing “Be Thankful” for the first time pre-release. “Psalms a day keep the pagan away / Everyday mi rise to di fada mi pray / Yes a him a guide mi way,” KALI GRN sings. Ms. Shirley could not stop herself from asking, “A who dat?” before the track even got to the first verse. The answer, of course, was, “It’s KALI GRN pon di scene, yu nah a mean?”

“Mi upful yeah-eh / Mi cup full yeah-eh,” my favorite take away and new mantra. Find yours in KALI GRN’s new reggae banger “Be Thankful” now. What are you thankful for?