Devin Di Dakta Launches DJ Competition, Here Is How To Enter

Devin Di Dakta could be collaborating with one of his fans on a track very soon.

The dancehall trap artist recently dropped two new music videos that kept the internet buzzing for a while. Following their success, Devin Di Dakta mentioned in several interviews that he has a lot of plans and things in store for his fans, and it looks like he’s about to get started with his latest “DJ competition” announcement.

Yesterday Devin took to Instagram to announce that he will be releasing an unfinished track on his Youtube channel on Friday at midday along with competition instructions. Though the deejay hasn’t revealed much details yet, it does already sound like he is about to break the “Internet” yet again. Fans are already gearing up to take part in the competition by pre-penciling rhymes in preparation of the challenge. In the comment section of the post, you’ll find many aspiring artists and others tagging their favorite underground acts.

Devin did not say if this is the first of many competitions or just a one-time thing, but the good news is we don’t have to wait much longer to find out. The competition instructions will be available tomorrow at noon. In his caption, Devin wrote, “Win a collaboration for my upcoming EP … Tag an artist you know will bring the [fire] #MoreInfoFriday.”

Not many dancehall artists engage with fans in a collaborative way. Sure they sometimes ask what color they should wear or when they should release a new song or video, but to give aspiring deejays and fans the chance to join their favorite artist on a track is unprecedented in this industry.

This is a good look for the fast spitting deejay who is on the verge of an epic comeback. Make sure you subscribe to “Devin Di Dakta” on Youtube and look out for this competition instructions tomorrow at midday.