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Diddy Dead Serious About Changing His Government Name To “Love” Here Is Why

Diddy has taken the first step to legally changed his government name to include “Love.”

Sean ‘Diddy‘ Combs is one of those celebrities who is never satisfied with their name, but you should also know that this is probably the sixth time that he is going through a name change. The Bad Boy rapper now wants his fans, family, and friends to call him Love, as in Sean ‘Love’ Combs. It is required by law to provide newborn babies with a name when they are being registered into a country. A lot of persons grow up and never even fathom the thought of changing your name. However, if your official name or your moniker was anything like Sean John Combs, Puffy, Puff Daddy, P Diddy or just Diddy, the thought of changing it may have crossed your mind, not once, not twice, not three, not four times, but a whopping five times.

By the way, the numbers being provided are based on what Sean Combs has let us in on, for he must have contemplated this a hundred times. Sean John Combs recently confirmed that he wants to change his name once more and this time to Sean ‘Love’ Combs. Urban Islandz reported that Sean filed for a petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court to get his birth name changed. It seems this change may have more sentimental value, though and may represent something big that is happening in his life. Whatever the reasons behind the name change, we support it as it’s all about ‘Love.’ This is actually not the first time he mentioned the new name change, having tweeted back in 2107 about changing it to ‘LOVE, Brother Love.’

So far, only of the filing of petitions has taken place, so the change is not yet here but, this is Diddy that we are talking about and if he wants something done, it usually gets done. Fans are just concerned about the never-ending changes, as it is not something that is typically seen. In his defense, Mr. Combs is no ordinary person.

The fans are having a love-hate affair with this new announcement. Some people seem quite content with the Love, however, others are questioning his sanity, calling him “Delusional.” Some are wondering if he is clout chasing, with one commenter sating, Has-been is so confused. He’s irrelevant, and he knows it. No one buys his Sean John line of crap… and believes with a new name his sheeple will keep him in business. Ha!”

Change is the only thing that remains constant, and it seems the business mogul lives firmly by that mantra. What do you think about Sean’s new name?