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Diddy Officially Changing His Government Name To ‘Sean Love Combs’


Diddy wants to make yet another name change because he can.

The man we now know as Diddy started his career under the name Puff Daddy and has had quite a few name changes since then. Sean Combs went from Puff Daddy to Puffy to P. Diddy to just “Diddy,” and a few years ago, the hip-hop mogul campaigned to have the world call him “Brother Love,” but it never really caught on. He hasn’t given up on that goal and has officially filed paperwork to change his middle name from John to Love, and become Sean Love Combs.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the 49-year-old icon filed a petition in Los Angeles County Superior court to get the name change done. The documents never say specifically why he feels the need to change his name legally but did say he had a strong desire to do so. It would be interesting to see how the name change would affect his Sean John clothing line, but chances are Diddy has already thought that through.

The Bad Boy CEO has been on role spreading positivity on social media, and even recently gave out his phone number so that he can text motivational messages to his fans. Diddy’s Twitter AVI is a photo of himself with his hands making a heart shape over his face, blasting a huge smile. He has been all about spreading love in this phase of his life, so as odd as the name change may seem, it definitely fits his new brand.