Daddy1 Drops “Bro Gad” Video As PM Andrew Holness Change Twitter Handle To ‘Brogad’

Daddy1 drops the visual for his dancehall banger “Bro Gad,” and even Prime Minister Andrew Holness is a big fan.

Young dancehall gunner, Daddy1, is responsible for popularizing the slang “Bro Gad,” so this song was a given. The slang originated in Montego Bay, where the 6ix artiste is from. The virality of the term has gotten so widespread that even the Prime Minister of Jamaica updated his Twitter name today to “The Most Honorable Bro Gad.” Daddy1 must have found this amusing, or did he instead think it audacious as he has more rights to claim that moniker?

The song, of course, has attracted a lot of eager clicks and has already recorded tens of thousands of views in the short few hours since its release. The Sky Bad Musiq production was recorded on the “Black Henny Riddim.” In the song, Daddy1 talks about his real friends (or Bro Gads), who he looks out for, and vice versa. The song also focuses a lot on the other side of the spectrum – friends who aren’t as sincere or committed, and of course, the trap dancehall sensation did not leave his humor out of the track.

“Dem life fake from morning now a evening / From mi look ina dem yiy, yeah mi see it dem deceiving / Me a pick two ackee, dem wah chop di tree limb / You a laugh but believe mi a real ting / Father God mi see time a reveal things / So wit fake friend no hail no dealings / Loyalty dat a di right feeling / When mi seh Bro Gad a family a di meaning,” Daddy1 deejays.

Check out the artiste who caused the PM to take on the “Bro Gad” alias himself. Watch Daddy1’s new music video below.