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DaBaby Helped This Homeless Fan Sleeping In Car In A Huge Way

DaBaby brought tears to a fan’s eyes after helping her out in a big way.

DaBaby is more known for knocking fans out than helping them, but it seems as though he is trying to change that reputation. The Charlotte rapper has been in a very giving mood and is showing tons of love to his fanbase, making random pop-up meet and greets throughout the country. After the success of his sophomore album Kirk that went No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts, the rapper has been putting out nothing but positivity.

That energy spills over to his day-to-day, and he showed he is willing to help a fan when they are down, a gesture a lot of artists won’t do. In a video posted to DaBaby’s Instagram page Thursday, the rapper is seen helping out a homeless woman who lives in the car with her son. The fan named Amanda waited three hours to meet DaBaby at a pop-up in Atlanta, and she said she just wanted to try and sell him homemade hats that she uses to try and feed her son. DaBaby instead handed Amanda $1,000 out of his pocket and tells her to keep the hats to sell to someone else.

The special moment immediately brought her to tears. “Put it away don’t even let nobody see what you got there. Don’t worry about it. Keep these too, sell them to somebody else,” DaBaby said before offering to take a picture with her and her baby boy. “I’m so f*cked up like this my son. We sleeping wild bro,” the fan said while crying. “Thank you so much.” The “Suge” MC was even nice enough to give her a shout out and tag her beanie line at the end of the video.

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The gesture was similar to one he made earlier this week when a group of young kids tried to sell him boxes of cookies. DaBaby had them throw every last box that they had into a bin, before handing them more money than the cookies were worth and telling them to keep the change and the goods, so they too could continue to sell them and make a profit.

As DaBaby blows up to become one of the most talked about artists this year, it is great to see this side of him, and have the world talking about him for reasons other than controversy.