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Travis Scott Gets Rave Reviews For “Highest In The Room” Video

Travis Scott dropped off the official music video for his new single “Highest In The Room,” and the view count skyrocketed within hours of its release.

Travis has been mentioned in the media pretty frequently since his newly announced split from Kylie Jenner. It’s true that any publicity is good publicity, and that might have been the theory that best explains the rapid success of his latest track, which is currently trending on Youtube. As usual, the visuals that accompany this song is a strange picture that is replete with surrealism. Travis Scott directed it himself along with Dave Meyers.

In the video, Travis is seen smoking a joint before the camera lens goes beyond his diamond-grilled teeth and into his mouth, where we get a view of the actual smoke making its way through his system. The weird trip gets even stranger as expected from Scott. Strange clouds, ill-shaped buildings, floating faces, a robot vs. Travis face-off – it’s all your typical Travis Scott production. The song, however, can be considered very telling if we pay keen attention to the lyrics.

“She fill my mind up with ideas / I’m the highest in the room / Hope I make it outa here / She saw my eyes she know I’m gone / I see some things that you might fear / I’m doin’ a show I’ll be back soon // That ain’t what she wanna hear,” Scott raps.

As we know, it was recently announced that Travis and Kylie were “taking space apart.” E News reported that a source said, “They fight over ridiculous things and Kylie can be very skeptical about Travis. Travis has been stressed with dropping new music.” Now that the rapper has resumed producing these fire tracks, he has already garnered 16 million views in the mere two days that the video has been up.

Check out the new visuals for “Highest In The Room” now.