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D’Angel Is About To Drop The Biggest Dancehall Song Of Her Career

D’Angel is touting her upcoming single as the biggest track of her career and suddenly we can’t wait to hear it.

Dancehall artiste D’Angel has earmarked her unreleased single as the best she song in her catalog to date. The “Stress Free” and “Know Yuh Baby Fada” artiste seems upbeat about the song, leaving dancehall fans to be enthusiastic about its release.

D’Angel: “Da song yah aguh be one a di baddest song Angel eva do.”

D’Angel’s last appearance in the media spotlight came after her comments regarding Koffee. Many were saying Koffee was the first female dancehall artiste to promote positivity. D’Angel firmly rebuffed those suggestions and laid claim to such a title, seeing she has been uplifting women from way before Koffee’s Emergence. In this most recent post, she went as far as to say, “cuz yuh done know me a di backbone fi females.”

If there is one thing for sure, I, for one, can’t wait to hear what D’Angel has planned for us. Being one of dancehall’s most prolific females for over a decade, D’Angel would be deserving of a mega-hit, the type of hit she is describing.

“A next female banger, mi a come bang up di whole place, mhmmmmn, trust and believe, I put this on everything,” said D’Angel. Based on what we’ve heard from the artiste, this song must be lined with gold and its innermost parts covered in diamonds, just what us fans like to hear. Bring it on D’Angel; your fans definitely cannot wait.

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