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Daddy1 Drops New Song “876ix” – Listen

Daddy1 just released his new song “876ix,” and his signature voice goes hard on this track.

The 6ix clan member dropped the official audio for his new song on Youtube on Tuesday (Oct 1), and 6ix fans have already been sounding off in the comments and playing the song on repeat.

Daddy1’s flow in this song is all over the place just like his shout outs. The 6ix deejay mentioned several parts of Jamaica in his new track that hosts a series of amusing lyrics and passionate expression. It’s a ladies’ song and a song for the ‘bro-gads’ but also a war song at the same time.

“Yo mi live ina di 876ix where di 6ix is real // Mi nuh wuk a Kentucky but we a di big deal // Style concrete like mi line wid steel // Marky a spin dem gal head like a car wheel // A we a sing some different type a ting // Our girl carry some different type a swing // Uptown, downtown, New Kingston, yo Bobby 6ix some different type a link,” Daddy1 deejays.

The three minute and thirty-six seconds track is an Automatic Records production. In ‘876ix’ Daddy1 has the storytelling element locked that keeps listeners hooked as well. The instrumental is less than remarkable, but the deejay’s tone and delivery is the selling point on this record. This upbeat track is definitely expected to get some plays and get the vibe going in the parties.