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Busy Signal Dropping New Album “Parts Of The Puzzle” On Friday

Busy Signal music

Busy Signal is slated to release his new album “Parts Of The Puzzle” on October 4th and fans are anxiously counting down the days.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Reanno Gordon, continues to have a significant impact on the culture of music today. His distinguished career in dancehall began in the early 2000s. Back then he was a part of Bounty Killer’s well-known Alliance crew. He shot to fame in 2005 after the release of his hit song “Step Out” which got everyone off their feet and dancing. Busy then cemented his position as one of the biggest dancehall artistes at the time with hits such as “Come Over,” “Whine Pon Di Edge,” “Tic Toc” and “Unknown Number.” His lyrical talent, versatility and comedic style were evident in his hilarious song “Nah Ansa” which instantly became a popular track. “Praise & Worship” showcased a different side of Busy, a gospel side which fans embraced.

The dancehall artiste went on to broaden his music catalog becoming an international artiste with his collaborations with No Doubt and Major Lazer, “Push And Shove.” 2013 saw him releasing one of the best songs of that year “Watch Out For This (Bumaye) with Major Lazor. When the music video dropped back in 2014, it was legendary. Busy Signal continued to impress fans with easily one of the biggest songs in reggae and dancehall history “One More Night.” The track was played everywhere and anywhere, and fans could not stop singing the hit song, it was stuck in our heads.

Busy is praised for his smooth flow intertwining dancehall, reggae, Afrobeats, hip-hop, and EDM genres effortlessly with tracks such as “Professionally” and “Gyal Yuh Good” key evidence of this. In 2017 he released “Stay So” which sparked a widespread dance craze with the opening line. Now he sets out to release an eclectic album that melds together a variety of genres.

Busy took to Twitter today to promote the upcoming release of his album “Parts Of The Puzzle” on VP Records. He tweeted a clip of track number 8 “Therapy” and captioned the tweet, “Album dropping in 3 DAYS Pre-Order now. Link in the Bio. GORILLA TURF!!! #3Days Song Playing: Track 8, ‘Therapy’ .#PARTSOFTHEPUZZLE #NEWALBUM #busysignal #turfpresident #sirexcellency @vprecords #gorillaturf #Therapy @redboomsupamix.” He continues to post a seemingly endless array of tweets throughout today, and we do not mind.

The album is fire based on the tracks already released such as “Stay So,” “One Way,” “Dolla Van” and “Got To Tell You.” The album boasts collabs with Bounty Killer on ” Nuh Weh Nuh Safe” and deejay Josey Wales on the track “Bring Back The Vibes.”

Busy’s fifth project, “Parts Of The Puzzle” will be available worldwide for streaming on platforms such as Tidal, and it is available for purchase on CD and vinyl LP. October 4th has been marked down on our calendars, and we are very excited.

See the full tracklist below.

1. Stay So
2. One Way
3. Real Born Gallis
4. Got To Tell You
5. Balloon
6. Everywhere We Go
7. Search No More
8. Therapy
9. Girl Like You
10. Bring Back The Vibes feat. Josey Wales
11. Fat Under
12. Dolla Van
13. 100% feat. Afro B
14. Nuh Weh Nuh Safe feat. Bounty Killer
15. Starr Buxx
16. Jah Know Dawg
17. Smiling Face