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Romeich Sends This Sweet Birthday Message To Shenseea

Romeich sparks frenzy amongst fans after he takes to Instagram to pen a heartfelt message wishing dancehall’s Princess Shenseea a Happy Birthday.

Are they dating, exes or are they just friends? Were they ever together to begin with? These are the questions on everyone’s mind when thinking of Romeich and Shenseea. We all know that Romeich is her man-ager however, rumors that the two were in a relationship have been flying since the start of her career, but they have always denied it. In April of 2018 fans got excited when Shenseea made a slight slip of the tongue and referred to Romeich as her man during a concert in Barbados.

Later that year a video clip of him kissing her at his birthday party went viral. Shenseea then seconded claims that fans were reaching and the kiss was purely innocent. In April of this year during an interview with Onstage Romeich had this to say about his relationship with Shenseea, “Shenseea single and me single. Me and Shenseea are more like best friends,” he stated. He went on to add, “At the end of the day we are free to do anything that we want, we are not obligated to nobody and if we are together mi nuh need fi tell nobody that, our personal life different from business life.”

Shenseea and Romeich dating

Shenseea also took to Instagram to share a photo of herself captioned, “Single Life Glow,” while simultaneously unfollowing Romeich on social media, leading fans to speculate that the pair were involved but have now separated. These days fans have been taking to labeling Romeich as jealous for his input on anything Shenseea related. Shenseea has recently been rumored to be in a relationship with producer Rvssian, but she quickly killed those rumors.

Earlier today Romeich took to his Instagram to wish the “Blessed” singer Happy Birthday and fans are going crazy. Romeich shared two photos of him and Shenseea, one with them dancing and the other with him kissing her hand. He also posted a candid video of Shenseea giving him some TLC by bursting the pimples in his face which fans say is a sure-fire sign that they are together and in love.

He captioned the post, “Happybday @shenseea me artist me friend me everything you know all i have for you is love and respect yoU haVe a special part a me heart that no one can ever have!!!! I hope you have a lovely day muaaaaa love you for ever and ever AMEN ooh you a me baby to and the mother of my adopted son raj!!! 1st Pic taken by @slyda_di_wizard Video @jadethajem2nd pic @skkanme.”

Shenseea responded to the post commenting, “@jadethajem a paparazzi …my fav skin to squeeze thanks alot @romeichentertainment,” while adding kissing and heart emojis.

Fans convinced that the two are together have been expressing themselves in the comments. One fan stated, “Secret buss yah now!!! Woyyyyy! raeeeeeee!” while another added, “Beautiful couple happy birthday love.”

Can Romeich’s message be seen as a long-overdue confirmation of an intimate relationship?

Happy Birthday, Shenseea!