Louie Rankin Killed Instantly In Crash, Photos From Wreckage Surfaced

More details are coming out regarding famed Jamaican actor Louie Rankin’s death.

Urban Islandz reported that Louie Rankin, whose real name is Leonard Forbes, has died from injuries he received in a car crash in Canada on Monday (September 30). According to TMZ, the deadly accident took place on Highway 89. The car in which the actor was traveling in reportedly crashed into a tractor-trailer. It’s unclear how the accident happened or who was at fault, but cops are actively investigating it. As you can see in the photo below, the car was severely damaged in the accident.

Sources say Louie Rankin died at the scene of the crash while the truck driver walked away scratch-free.

The entire dancehall community has been paying tribute to the late Louie Rankin, more affectionately called Teddy Bruckshut. Some fans knew him as Ox from his famous acting role in the hit movie Belly. While Teddy starred in a number of films over the years, his character Ox in Belly is perhaps his most famous to date.

Louie Rankin also has several dancehall hits under his belt dated from the early 1990s. His hit single “Typewriter” is still a staple in today’s dancehall and sound clash culture.