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Dancehall DJ Arrested After Spitting In Woman’s Face At Toll Booth

A well-known DJ was arrested and charged for assault, however, he got off with a slap on the wrist, paying a mere $5000 fine.

According to Loop News, a DJ by the name of Sadiki Kemar Powell, who is a resident of Bridgeport in St Catherine, was arrested and charged for assault. Based on reports he spat in the face of a female toll collector at the Portmore Toll Plaza in St Catherine.

Reports state that three weeks ago, the DJ attempted to utilize the toll booth but got into a heated altercation with a female toll collector. The DJ then subsequently spat in the woman’s face and drove off speedily.

The unfortunate incident was reported to police officers and an investigation into the matter launched. The DJ was picked up shortly after and charged for common assault.

On Friday, September 20th, the DJ appeared in the St Catherine Parish court and was fined $5,000. He was also offered an alternative of 10 days in prison. The DJ was then ordered to make an open apology to the victim in court.

Many persons have been calling for justice, stating that the fine does not fit the crime. One person commented, “$5000 fine! That’s all!? No wonder things are the way they are. What a dirty, disrespectful individual. He must have tried to pick her up, and she dissed him. What a pig!” while another added, “Too much now. No respect for people anymore. Cho a just a lunch money dat, him a say deh now.”

More persons are calling for his drivers license to be revoked and for the DJ to be banned from playing at events.